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How to Find Affordable HMO Health Insurance

Finding affordable HMO health insurance where you live

Q: I think one of the priorities in choosing a place to move to should be the afford ability of health care. I moved from California to Colorado three years ago and discovered that I could find affordable HMO health insurance with a reasonable choice of benefits and a reasonable cost per month. My disabled friend moved here from Oregon because she had no health insurance there. How can a senior who is not versed in researching the Web find affordable HMO health insurance?—Jody, Colorado

A: There are several ways to find affordable HMO health insurance:

Start by contacting your State Insurance Commissioner’s office. It's a very easy search on the Web or you can check the phone book. The Insurance Commissioner’s office should be able to provide information about health insurance programs that are available in your state, including affordable HMO health insurance.

Do a Web search using the term affordable HMO. My search turned up many listings from insurance companies, and if you want to narrow the search further you can include your state’s name as part of the search term.

If you want to compare affordable HMO health insurance options available by state, check out AARP’s HMO Report Card. You’ll find a compilation of state evaluations of available and affordable HMO health insurance options, including any consumer complaints that the state has received about the HMO.


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